Who is Imam Nasser Mohammad?

I can see that Imam Nasser Mohammad Al Yemeni claims to be Mahdi and I can see he has a lot of believers online?

Can you guys explain why you believe him?

I’ve only read one or two of his posts here and I will read more but I’d like a summary or explanation please??


The evidence is within his knowledge of the Quran. He has been able to explain some of the Quranic verses that have never been explained their meaning. He does not ask you to follow him but to follow the Authority of the Quran. He has been able the explain allot of mysteries, from the residence of Gog and Magog within the subterranean earth where the Garden of Eden is located. To the returning and the passing of Planet X ( Al Saqr ). Which will cause a pole shift resulting the sun rising from the west. He further explains the deviations of all the major sects and says they blindly follow their forefathers. Allah has an extreme level of clarity relaying the Quran to us that is most precise in both direct and allegorical examples. But it has been through some fabricated stories[Hadith], and false interpretations of some scholars that innovation and misguidance has been adopted.


Okay so he is proving that he is “the guided one” but how do we know that his interpretation is correct?

He does seem to have knowledge I have not heard before. But how do I know that it is correct.

Can you send me some of the statements about the fabricated Hadith and Gog and Magog, the garden of Eden and also Planet X?



Peace be upon you sir,

The guided Imam has wrote soooo many statements about Nubiru planet X from since 2005, just enter this section


Peace to you @Peaceful_mind! can I ask you how did you first find out about him and when did you know you believed him?

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peace be upon you BLSDStone96! I’ll tell it to you briefly, but u can ask me about any detail u wanna know.

In 1998, I saw a dream of a huuuuuge burning Planet coming towards my window turning everything into slashes while I was calm and smiling (ended). at that time, I didn’t understand its being but I couldn’t get it out of my mind until I knew Imam Mahdi who was informing people since 2005 about the coming planet X Nubiru ( planet of Hellfire) and that was a preceding evidence in my heart of the Imam’s truthfulness.

I am from a Sunni Muslim family, I was thinking that what I already knew was enough for me although I was not convinced of tooo many things in Islam, and that was because of the different sects of Islam with different interpretations and different <<<< fabricated >>>> sayings against Muhammad - pbuh. I didn’t follow any sect of them as no one of them seemed to have the whole truth. I just followed the Holy Qur’an believing in all the messengers of Allah and following the rules of Allah: doing the right deeds and avoiding the wrong deeds.

In 2011, I heard from my 3 younger sisters - who were interested in the incidents of the end of time, they found Imam Nasser and followed him. I didn’t follow him that time thinking he was claiming - in spite of the previous evidence in my heart, and that was enough for my life to be worst, as I didn’t follow the light in my heart.

In 2018, I was desperate of my whole life and decided to go to my sisters and tell them what I feel. they advised me to read the Imam’s statements and disparately I did, and once I read I believed in him to have the true knowledge from Allah, he is the true vicegerent of Allah who would fight the insolent false Messiah ( who is the outcast Satan himself), he is the guided Imam indeed.

For me, I found in his statements the answer for every question that was of our minds as Muslims because his proof is from the Holy Qur’an itself. for me, he has the true religion for alll humans unifying them under one leadership.

Although I didn’t meet him but I’m now one of his sincere followers to be guided to our Lord.