Welcome to The Ponder Zone

The Ponder Zone is for truth seekers and believers in The Creator, those who embrace sincerity and an inclination towards truth, logic, and pure monotheism - regardless of personal biases, agendas, creeds, or assumptions.

Here you can find and share different pieces of the puzzle of truth.

The idea is to come together, collaborate, communicate and grow as a community. You will find here both food for the soul and food for thought.


Ponder Zone is a place where you will find knowledge from the authoritative sources of The Creator of our universe backed by evidence and signs. (For example pearls of wisdom from the scriptures)

You will also find knowledge from non-authoritative sources from other truth seekers, some based on discernment and some conjecture.

For me personally being a truth seeker has helped me develop as a person, brought me closer to God, and has enriched me with the knowledge that I have used to help others. It has protected me and those I love from the seen and unseen dangers of the world we live in.

I created this forum for many reasons but the most important reason is that I hope that this can be a place that helps other truth-seekers find their path and not have to walk it alone like so many of us end up doing.

You are never alone here regardless of whether our individual faiths or beliefs match, regardless of whether we agree on one issue or interpretation, as long as you have a sincere desire for truth and light you shall never walk alone in the ponder zone.

You should visit The Ponder Zone to explore the truths that are too much for the outside world, the truths known and yet unknown. To find the best of knowledge and truth from your Creator and follow the best of it…