Indeed, you will know that we surely are truthful, and every stubborn opposer was disappointed

Indeed, you will know that we surely are truthful, and every stubborn opposer was disappointed

Indeed, you will know that we surely are truthful, and every stubborn opposer was disappointed

Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni 19 - Jamad Awwal - 1442 AH 03 - 01 - 2021 AD 10:13 pm (According to the official time of [Mecca] mother of towns)

Indeed, you will know that we surely are truthful, and every stubborn opposer was disappointed.

In the name of Allah the All-Merciful, the Most Merciful, the prayer of forgiveness and peace be upon Allah’s messenger Mohammad and every believer supporter of Mohammad.

O community of questioners regarding the Pfizer vaccine for the American company and the German also the entire vaccines of the human physicians for coronavirus and every new extended-addition follows it, undoubtedly it possesses extreme prowess. Indeed, Allah has more for each stubborn denier.

I remind and say: Allah’s peace, mercy and His blessings are upon you O community of questioners who desire to follow the true caller from their Lord; from various regions of the worlds.

I think my fatwas are evident as clear as the sun in mid of the sky regarding the Pfizer vaccine and the entire vaccines of humans. We mentioned to you the fatwa in the entire explanatory statements that we wrote regarding Allah’s minor chastisement by what you call coronavirus (yet it is not mere corona pandemic. Rather, it is a chastisement from Allah) to follow the caller of Allah and His khalifa over the worlds; His servant the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni.

Since I know the surest knowledge that it is a chastisement from Allah Lord of the worlds, I indeed challenge you by Allah’s complete words to find a vaccine for it as protection from Allah’s chastisement for what you call it coronavirus and the new extended-addition, and more. Indeed, they would never find for them a medicine that would remove the harm away from them nor change in (Allah’s) course for them except the true supplication-prayer by fleeing to Allah away from Allah’s chastisement so they would call on Him, Him Alone, no partner for Him. So, since it is chastisement in the decisive Book the grand Quran, let each one call on His God besides Allah, so let him (other than Allah to) remove the distress and the harm of the chastisement if you are truthful. Undoubtedly, the Pfizer vaccine would never remove the virus from those who take it, neither the vaccines created by the Muslims or the disbelievers, and you should know the sure knowledge that Allah’s chastisement in the Book is equal whether the minor or the major. There is no means to remove it, no matter what it is. Finally, the means will cut off except the pleading and supplication to Allah, Him Alone, no partner for Him, your Lord and my Lord.

So if you desire to save the Muslims and the worlds, then you must intensify spreading the explanatory statement that we wrote on the date (26 - Ramadan -1441 AH / 19 - 05 - 2020 AD) with the title: (Coronavirus and the decisive explanatory-statement, and it is not a joke..) Ended.

Indeed, in this explanatory statement came fatwa from the All-Merciful in the same day; on that day in the true vision from Lord of the worlds; in the sleep of fasting that the explanatory-statement that I wrote it on that day; within it is the cure it to what is in the chests, that means there is a miracle of healing in it from Lord of the worlds without vaccine nor medicine, that he who perished by clear argument may perish and he who lived by clear argument may live by Allah’s command. Furthermore, I did not do this by my will, and we will wait and see; did the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni speak the truth, or he was of the liars. Indeed, judgement is for Allah. He decides between the criminals with justice and me, every stubborn, arrogant one, and He is the Best of the deciders. And they sought a judgement, yet every opposer was disappointed. And they will find from Allah’s plan what they did not think of for each there is a share of chastisement except the loyal-servants of Allah. Indeed there is no fear for them, nor they will grieve.

And peace be upon the messengers, and praise be to Allah Lord of the world

Allah’s khalifa and His servant; the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni

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