Grand warning in red text to each haughty against Allah's khalifa and His servant the Imam Mahdi

Grand warning in red text to each haughty against Allah's khalifa and His servant the Imam Mahdi

Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni

17 - Jamad Awwal - 1442 AH 01 - 01 - 2021 AD 12:01 am (According to the official time of [Mecca] mother of towns)

In the name of Allah the One, the Subduer, the Mighty, the Supreme, the Majestic (Possessor of Greatness) Whom the Kingdom of all things is in His hand a fulfillment to Allah's ever true promise in the decisive grand Quran in the word of Allah the Most High: Say: O our Allah, Owner of the Kingdom, You give the kingdom to whom You please, and take away the kingdom from whom You please, and You exalt whom You please and humiliate whom You please. In Your hand is the good. Surely, You are On Possessor Of power 's Over All Things.

Truthful Allah The Great [Al-Emran] 3:26

O our Allah, You know that You have selected me as Your servant and Your khalifa over the worlds; Al-Mahdi Nasser Mohammad. O our Allah, judge between me and the entire arrogant ones of the decision makers among the worlds and their loyal-friends who are upon their ilk altogether, and You are the Best of (all) judges, soon as mercy from You to the believers who do not associate a thing with Allah, and Your promise is ever true, surely You never fail (to fulfill Your) promise. You have said and Your word is ever true in Your decisive Book the true grand Quran, and Allah the Most High said: Allah has promised those among you who believe and do good that He will surely make them successors in the earth as He made those before them successors, and that He will surely establish for them their religion, which He has chosen for them, and that He will surely give them security in exchange after their fear. They will worship Me, not associating a thing with Me. And whoever is ungrateful after this, they are the transgressors.

Truthful Allah The Great [Al-Nour] 24:55

O our Allah, You surely know and bear witness that I am Your servant has advised Your servants altogether with truth but many of them do not like the advisers and they hate Your oneness, and they despair from Your mercy, also they hate the Great Bliss of Yourself goodly-pleasure over Your servants. O our Allah, judge between me and them with justice, and every stubborn tyrant will be disappointed, guide aright who are beyond that from Your entire servants among the worlds and in the whole kingdom. O Who You encompassed all things in mercy and knowledge, and Your promise is ever true and Your the Most Merciful than all who have mercy, and peace be upon the messengers and theAllah’s entire righteous servants. O our Allah, decide between me and Your enemies among Your servants altogether whom if cleared to them that I am khalifa of Allah; the true Imam Mahdi from their Lord, indeed their faces would grieve instead of they rejoice with good news. O our Allah,You know of what is in the chest of Your servants altogether, so guide from among Your servants whom if they know that I am the Imam Mahdi khalifa of Allah over the worlds, their necks would bend humbly to Allah’s khalifa and His servant Al-Mahdi while they rejoice. O our Allah, guide aright who fear Your chastisement entirely; those who if they knew the truth from their Lord they would surely follow it while they are not haughty after it clears to them that I am Khalifa of Allah; Al-Mahdi Nasser Mohammad (meaning) supporter of Mohammad by the grand Quran. O our Allah, You know best rather than Your servant about what Your servants hide that I am the Imam Mahdi khalifa of Allah over the worlds; the caller to follow the straight path by the grand Quran, and You know best about those who are grateful. The criminals from among Your servants who do not be guided aright no matter if it cleared to them that he is true from their Lord, and I entrust my affair to Allah, and all affairs return to Allah.

And peace be upon the messengers, and praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds. Allah’s khalifa and His servant; the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni.

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