Coronavirus is from the minor chastisement before the major chastisement so they may turn to Allah

Coronavirus is from the minor chastisement before the major chastisement so they may turn to Allah

In the name of Allah the All Merciful, the Most Merciful, Allah’s prayer of forgiveness upon His prophets and His loyal-servants in every time and place, they will not fear His chastisement nor they will they grieve.

Indeed, we advised the decision makers often; especially the leaders of the Muslims. We also advised the disbelievers in general and those who turn away from the truth, but they do not like the advisers. Anyway, the deniers have disbelieved in Allah’s narration, whether it be the the atheists among them or the polytheists among them or the Muslims among them.

Except upon whom my Lord has mercy from among them and he earned good in his faith. Surely I leave you to Allah the One, the Supreme, Who made me His Khalifa over the world. He will make me prevail against you deniers by His way and His power. Confirming with the word of Allah the Most High: So leave Me alone with him who rejects this announcement. We shall lead them on (to destruction), from where they do not know.(44) And I fill them (with false hopes), surely My plan is firm.(45) Truthful Allah the Great [Al-Qalam] 68:44-45

Truly, God is challenging you with the smallest of His soldiers that can not be seen by the naked eye, He has shaken the entire world. Striking the powerful and the weak collectively with a major shake. And Corona virus is a mere human virus that they have no knowledge of. It has nothing to do with animals, it began in humans and is transmitted from human to a human.

Assuredly there is no intervention of any animals involved as they claimed that bats are source. In fact Allah has invaded you with Corona virus and is challenging the entire human medical scientists. Surely they can never find an antidote or vaccine for Corona virus as they claim, no matter what means they use or what they announce. Do not let them seduce you! I Swear By Allah, they are indeed liars.

Even though Corona virus is a tiny living creature from Allah’s hidden soldiers, the entire community of human physicians can not and would never be able to find a cure, by Allah’s permission, even if they partner up and support each other. In order for you to know that you do not comprehend Allah’s knowledge except what He wills, glory be to Him.

But your people are atheists and you will indeed see the scheme of Allah’s soldier that suffocates come to fruition in ways you did not expect. And Allah leads them on to destruction with His intelligent hidden ways to destroy whom Allah pleases of their elite in ways they do not comprehend. As of my writing this the International Health Organization do not consider Corona virus an international pandemic yet! They claim they will control it but they are liars. How can they control Allah’s chastisement?!

But the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni a Khalifa of Allah over the world. I issue fatwa to you with Truth that it is not a mere international pandemic in fact an international chastisement, and since it is a minor chastisement before the major chastisement. The death rate is low at first but many of the people do not know that they are infected and the cases are in fact in the millions. This is the plot of Allah so that the asymptomatic infect other people while they think themselves secure from Allah’s chastisement that suffocates the respiratory system. Their chests will be tight and constricted. They will feel as though they were ascending upwards into the sky until they suffocate because of the constriction of the respiratory system and its channel.

Allah will afflict the arrogant ones of whom He deems worthy of chastisement from among them as a firm warning to the entire world. The objective of the reprimand is so people return back to their True Lord by pleading and supplicating in repentance. Asking Allah to remove His chastisement from them, promising Him they will follow His Book the grand Quran and asking Him to strengthen them with resoluteness. Allah comes between them and their hearts so they would beg Him to make their hearts loyal to fulfill what they promised Him in order to escape His chastisement. Then Allah removes His chastisement from them if they are dutiful and follow His Book the grand Quran and become rightly guided.

I want to seal this explanatory-statement with the call from Allah in His decisive Book during a firm warning and reprimand. His chastisement by the chest disease. Confirming with the word of Allah the Most High: O people, there has come to you indeed an admonition from your Lord and a healing for what is in the chests; and a guidance and a mercy for the believers. Truthful Allah the Great [Younus] 10:57… Surely this is a chastisement admonition, a wisdom for the dutiful ones.

I know that this chastisement is painful and terrifies people so they may repent then worship Allah, Him Alone with no partners for Him, and repent from the great sins; injustice and immorality; the apparent and the concealed, privately and publicly, also to perform ablution, purifying themselves for Allah the One, the Supreme. Then they must not call on anyone with Allah, and know that it is in fact a hidden international chastisement, a crafty plot from Allah the One, the Supreme. And it is not a mere disease as you claim, far from it, indeed you shall know, so flee to Allah. Verily I’m a clear warner to you from Him, and do not shut down His houses of worship, preventing those who flee to their Lord from performing the prayer to their Lord, Him Alone no partner for Him. I assure you he who enters Allah’s Houses to worship His Lord he is secure from the virus of suffocation even if entered alongside him the infected ones who flee to Allah surely it would not afflict the righteous worshipers who believe, trust and rely on their Lord, so trust and rely on Allah if you are indeed sincere believers.

Know that Corona virus is a new chastisement of a mighty power; the chests disease, little by little until it cuts off the breath of whom Allah pleases, and he who got healed from it let him know that it is not due to the treatment of the physicians. Rather it is due to his supplication prayer to Allah the most Merciful than all who have mercy, Thus, it should not be scientists to find a cure for Allah’s chastisement because it is not a trial from Allah to test what is in your hearts, nay, it is a chastisement that attacks those who Allah wills to be infected among those who turn away among you that they may return. Among you are those who will die of the suffocating chastisement called “Corona virus” and it is the lesser chastisement short of the greater chastisement that perhaps the people may repent and supplicate humbly to their Lord in order for Him to remove the severe chastisement from them if they follow the Book of truth from their Lord, the Holy Quran.

Allah will never remove the chastisement from those who prostrate to what they call Turab Al-Hussein! Allah has not sent down any authority for that in the Holy Quran nor in the sunna (true explanatory statements of the prophet) that came from their Lord. In fact, they innovated it themselves. Allah will also never remove the chastisement from those who invoke the deceased in the graves to remove the chastisement. Surely, the dead do not hear their call and even if they heard they would not respond to them. On judgement day they will will reject them for their associating them with Allah and will be against them. Indeed, I warned and advised you not to invoke anyone with Allah, but Alas! Most of them believe not in Allah except while they associate others with Him.

Furthermore, I warn the oppressors in general. The elite wrong doers and those who follow them whether they be in Muslim or non-Muslim countries of the lesser chastisement of Allah and other signs of chastisement until the major chastisement overwhelms the tyrants in the land that oppressed their people unjustly increasing mischief in the land. Indeed your Lord over them is a watchful tower.

In addition I warn them from the asteroid of chastisement Al-Rajifa that will cause quakes beyond the western Atlantic in the United States of America and it will stir-up clouds dust from their land’s soil, causing the atmosphere to be full of dust. Then striking waves will spread across the entire globe causing floods. You will know that we are truthful with the permission of Allah Lord of the worlds. After that, planet “Saqar” (Planet X) will cross near the earth if asteroid of chastisement was not enough of a reminder for you, so fear Allah and keep your duty to Him oh you of understanding minds.

The prophesied major mischief has occurred in the land to the blessed Al-Aqsa masjid. The first of the two Qiblas (prayer directions). Indeed, the sanctity of Al-Aqsa masjid with Allah is the same as the sanctity of the Sacred Al-Haram Masjid. Oh you who sold the glorified house of Allah. Certainly, you will never find any protector nor defender from Allah or from His chastisement, and you will indeed lose this life and the hereafter, and it is obviously the greatest loss, I am but a trustworthy adviser to you. Death has come to you while you are turning away, unaware.

Oh Allah, I have delivered the message. Oh Allah, bear witness. And peace be upon the messengers, and praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds.

Allah’s Khalifa and His servant, Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni.

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