Coronavirus: Indeed the Soldiers of Allaah Are Triumphant and You Shall Come to Know

Coronavirus: Indeed the Soldiers of Allaah Are Triumphant and You Shall Come to Know

In the name of Allaah, the One, the Overpowering. The Leader of His minor and major soldiers in the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. And among the tiniest in creation of His soldiers are the so-called "Coronaviruses" that are not corona, but a new creation of Allaah's soldiers that are mentioned in the news of the Glorious Quran, Allaah's Book. A new example of creation reflecting the ability of Allaah the Almighty, the Praiseworthy as per my precedent ruling in truth that was issued a year ago through the clear power of knowledge in the clear verses of the Book of Allaah, the Great Quran

O righteous forerunner supporters and truth-seekers in the world, along with people altogether, listen to and understand what I am going to say to you with truth: Are people of point of views, opinions, expectations, and conjectures that avail not against the truth, equal in comparison with the owner of the knowledge of the Book [Quran] of the definitive scientific indication which Allaah taught Him through the true power of knowledge? Definitely, expectations are mere expectations until they take place and are not signs for them from their Lord since they are only speculations. I am obliged to not say about Allaah except the truth which He is going to show you its true signs on reality, for people who know it is the truth from their Lord even to the dismay of the wicked ones who plot against Allaah's signs to turn people away from believing what is there for them of the news of the unseen [Arabic, Al-Ghaib] in the clear verses of the Reminder, the Great Quran. Certainly, I issue no rulings except ones based on truth, and you are going to see the truth about the signs of Allaah in the statements of Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Al-Yamani and that they are the truth on actual reality until it becomes clear to you that the truth from Your Lord lies within all what I have told you in regards to the interpretation of the verses of Allaah in the Great Quran, if you fear Allaah, and indeed I am truthful. So fear Allaah and be among the truthful ones who do not say about Allaah that which you do not know

Anyway, how stupid is it of some truth-seekers to expect from Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Al-Yamani to write a new statement after the occurrence of events, having already detailed news for you previously from the Book of the Knower of the Unseen [Allaah], and I mean the news which I clarify them to you from the clear verses of the Quran, then you definitely shall find and recognize the signs and verses of Allaah manifested on actual reality

Verily, there shall come a soon day when I shall say to the worlds: "Did not I tell you that I know from Allaah that which you do not know?" As they have known it is no doubt the truth from their Lord so that no one denies the truth after it had been cleared to Him except every rebellious devil [among mankind, jinn, and all Allaah's creations], and sufficient is Allaah to deal with those who turn people away from believing the signs of Allaah by counter-plotting so people would not believe in the signs of Allaah's minor torment so you may all be alike in hell,and not because they are astray but they do so on purpose after it had been cleared to them it is the truth from their Lord; they turn people away from believing the signs; as a result, they destroy themselves and will not find against Allaah's torment any ally or any protector

The military ba'ouda (Arabic, gnat) of Allaah is still sending consecutive supporting forces through Allaah's Words of power (the Word "be" so it is) which are directed towards its eggs so they become viruses of the tiniest living signs of Allaah in the Book. They will never encompass knowledge about the origin of these novel viruses, neither in all wild and aquatic animals nor in all reptiles, birds, and all insects!

{So leave Me (to deal) with him who denies this discourse . We will progressively lead them from where they do not know, (44) for, behold, though I may give them rein for a while, indeed, My plan is firm [Surah: 68 - Al-Qalam – Verses: 44-45]

And given that I, Imam Mahdi, Allaah's caliph on the worlds, do not say anything about Allaah, through the clarification of the Qur'an, using assumptions that do not avail anything against the truth. But, I speak with truth through the power of knowledge from the clear verses of the Great Quran based on my certain knowledge of its verses; that is why you never find me stating that "I expect", "I assume", nor "from my point of view"! Far is that from being the truth! How often do I swear to you by Lord of the earth and heavens that you will find the manifestation of my fatwa (Arabic, ruling) with truth on actual reality, and people of understanding minds will grasp the fact that the ruling of Nasser Mohammed Al-Yamani is not based on assumptions nor a hit or miss! But he speaks the truth, and Allaah will show you the truth about His verses in the Great Quran on actual reality. So woe to those who turn people away from the truth about Allaah's signs after I had cleared them to people by the command of Allaah, but they hide the truth from their Lord, and a terrible woe to them from a severe torment by the new supporting force (of COVID)! Or do you assume your vaccines will protect you from the ferocious might of the so-called Coronavirus?

How many times did I swear to you in each statement that my Lord will increase the might of the consecutive supporting forces of the so-called Coronavirus? And I did not say it will mutate, develop, or change according to your claim, but I said they are soldiers of Allaah the Almighty, the Praiseworthy. And each supporting force in addition to the previous force is not but greater in might, ferocity, speed, and plotting! And there is no turning back in Allaah's war until you announce your surrender and raise your hands towards the sky in full submission to Allaah Lord of the worlds, yielding and supplicating to Him to remove His torment from upon you so you follow His Book and the caliph of Allaah who is chosen by your Lord. Definitely, you do not have the right of "Veto" to issue against His caliph, Glorified and highly Exalted is He [Allaah]! He Creates and Chooses whatever He pleases and others do not have the choice, Glorified and Exalted is Allah above what they associate with Him

O you who do not use your minds, I have already told you that repeating news would not benefit the miracle of the interpretation of the Quran, as the statement will be issued according to its new date so new truth-seekers might think this news is new and has been issued after your incompetence, will not you reason? Especially, the statements about the global war of the novel viruses of corona which are Allaah's soldiers, and the statements about Allaah's climatic war by air, land, and sea due to the skirmish of planet Saqar with the earth due to the approach of the Planet of Torment, Saqar, which is the Fire, that waves to mankind every now and then

Or do you think that floods of this year of yours, 2021 AD, will be like those of 2020AD? Nay! Floods of 2021 AD are going to be more intense as per I warned you 16 years ago that you are going to find the so-called "natural disasters" increasing every year in might and severity, due to the constant approach of the Planet of Torment year after year. It is becoming closer and closer until it suddenly rises upon you from the south side of the earth, and takes the disbelievers from a near place, o the ignorant ones who believe those who invented the false theory of global warming due to smoke exhausts of factories that emit from the earth to the atmosphere, which you claim it has kept on affecting the earth till the so-called "climate changes" happened, but you are liars! So what global warming are they fabricating! Did not your factories stop in 2020 due to the soldiers of Allaah, the so-called corona? However, if you were truthful, the so-called "natural disasters" would have been lessened in this new year of 2021 AD

But, the truth is, and I say nothing but the truth, that climatic disturbances are due to the approach of the planet of torment, which will pass in the sky of the human land from the south side of the earth because its rotation is from the north side until it surprises you from the south sides of both the sun and the earth. I have already warned you of the planet of torment sixteen years ago! But you follow the atheists who turn you away from the truth from your Lord and follow human devils who avert people from believing the signs of Allaah on purpose, so o Muslims, have you become atheists like them?

Moreover, here they are calling for a conference to reform climate changes as if they control the climate of the earth! As if Allaah does not exist! And as if Allaah is not the Controller, Exalted is He! Also, as if Allaah is not the One who Sends down rain and pouring water, Exalted is He! And as if wrongdoing atheists will control planet earth and the rain but they are liars! Certainly, they will witness tsunamis, gale winds, violent storms, floods of pouring water, and fiery hurricanes to burn green forests. How many times did I warn you years ago of the torment of Allaah by air, land, and sea as a result of the approach of the Planet of Torment? But, it is as though I am calling upon nations of deaf, dumb, and blind people who do not reason, except to whom Allaah has Shown mercy and believed it is the truth from his Lord

Anyway, I am giving you tidings of more of what I had promised you by the command of Allaah the Almighty, the Praiseworthy which are more supporting forces for the war of Allaah's minor soldiers that suffocates breasts; viruses of somewhat [like] a gnat that you do not encompass any knowledge about. In addition to the failure of all different vaccine companies that shall be 0% effective, and more signs of supporting forces of the viruses of somewhat [like] a gnat are coming, also more deaths like never before!

O Xi Jinping the president of China, and those of his like in the world, how great is the difference between last year and this year?! And it did not come out of your laboratories like some of you claim that coronavirus is man-made by China and America! But I, Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Al-Yamani, I judge with truth and free them both (America and China) from the blame, as you cannot create even a fly, a gnat, or the tiniest living being with spirits like those which Allaah Creates, even if all countries were to come together for that! Nay, this is a new creation of Allaah so show Me what those other than Him have created, if you should be truthful! Is there a Creator other than Allaah alone, Exalted is He? There is no God or any worshipped Lord but Him

And I conclude by stating: "O Allaah judge between Your caliph and wrongdoers, indeed You are the swiftest of Planners and Accountants. And Guide from Your servants those whom if they had known the truth from their Lord, pride would not have carried them off to sin and they would have adopted as a way, as means of bestowing Your mercy upon your oppressed servants in the worlds and Your promise is true and You are the Most Merciful of all. The promise of Allaah has come, indeed He does not Break His promise"

Peace be upon the messengers and praise be to Allaah Lord of the worlds Allaah's caliph and servant; Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Al-Yamani

Translated by: Deena ADEL

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